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Disa is a unified messaging app combining multiple chat & messaging platforms into one central application. Eliminate the need to download other messaging apps & keep your device clutter free. Our all-in-one messaging app consolidates all your messages & chats.

It is tough to communicate with your contacts through so many different chat & messaging apps. Disa is a single messaging hub that allows you to integrate all your chats & messages on SMS, Telegram and Facebook Messenger in one central place so that you can manage all your messages from a single app.

Additionally, the app offers multiple settings and customisation options to organize your messages. You can personalize your chatting experience, create mixed groups with contacts from any messaging service, set different font colors for text & message bubbles, send videos & emojis & do a lot more, all for FREE!

Disa is a messaging hub that allows popular messaging services to be unified under one app. You can merge SMS & text from different messaging services coming from a single contact into one unified thread & then send msg to your contacts directly from Disa.

Our patented power management technology is unique to our frameworks ability to contact multiple servers without the usual impact on power consumption.

Organizes all your chat & messages from different messaging & SMS apps

Merges chats from different apps by contacts to see unified conversations in a central hub

Options to personalise your chatting experience including fonts, and colors of message bubbles

Offers dark mode feature that makes it easier to use the app in the night

Allows users to create groups & start chatting with contacts from different chat & messaging apps

Send emojis, audio & video attachments

In case you use multiple applications to talk to the same person, you can unify all the text or video chats into one app & group all your messages in a chronological order. You could also reply on the same window by selecting the service where you want to deliver the msg.

Using DISA is simple & easy. Open the app & select the service from the plugin manager list.

(After setting-up your service, your last 10 conversations will load. Don’t worry, your previous SMS & conversations are not lost; load them manually by creating a new msg with a contact or group-chat and it will appear in your conversation list.) Now just start sending text or video messages, emojis to your friends or create a group chat! No need to install apps like Telegram, FB Messenger or other SMS apps.

Visit our online, interactive FAQ to find out how: https://goo.gl/usSSWa

You have a long list of service personalization options to select from. Some of them are:

Set the ringtone & vibration pattern of your choice for notifications

You can snooze the notification for a specific duration while you are busy

You can enable/disable the notifications for a particular service

Select your favorite chat bubble & font colors from a long list of options

Set a wallpaper of your choice

Disa’s goal is simple: be the most inclusive, all-in-one messaging app in the marketplace by providing one central platform where users can streamline & organize their life in an instant. Disa is here to “Unite Them All”.

Got any questions, join the Disa Google+ community (goo.gl/gqoWhG). Or, visit the FAQ page (www.disa.im/faq.html).

Replace FB Messenger, Telegram & SMS apps with this amazing messaging app & also tell all your friends about it. There’s so much more to come!

Disa adalah aplikasi pemesejan bersatu menggabungkan berbilang perbualan & platform pemesejan ke dalam satu aplikasi pusat. Hilangkan keperluan untuk memuat turun aplikasi pemesejan lain & pastikan peranti anda kekacauan. Aplikasi pesanan semua-dalam-satu kami menyatukan semua mesej & sembang anda.

Sukar untuk berkomunikasi dengan kenalan anda melalui banyak aplikasi sembang & pemesejan yang berbeza. Disa adalah hab mesej tunggal yang membolehkan anda mengintegrasikan semua mesej & mesej anda pada SMS, Telegram dan Facebook Messenger di satu tempat utama supaya anda boleh menguruskan semua mesej anda dari satu aplikasi.

Di samping itu, apl ini menawarkan pelbagai tetapan dan pilihan penyesuaian untuk mengatur mesej anda. Anda boleh memperibadikan pengalaman berbual anda, membuat kumpulan bercampur dengan kenalan dari mana-mana perkhidmatan pemesejan, menetapkan warna fon berbeza untuk buih teks & mesej, menghantar video & emojis & buat lebih banyak, semuanya secara PERCUMA!

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